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Upcoming Events
Feb 28 - Tour of Texas Final - Austin - Pools
Feb 28-29 - Taylors Gift Tournament - Pools
Mar 7-8 - NTI Ranking
Feb 20 - Tiger Shark Beach Spring Session starts
Time to Unleash the Beast Clinics
Mind Set Training, Setting Academy, Middle Blockers Academy,Hitting Clinics, Serving Clinics and Passing/Defense Clinics
Early Bird
16 Wild - 16 Open Gold Champions
17 Tigers Wild - 3th Place Open
12 Ligers Elite - 5th Place Gold
15 Cheetahs Wild - 12th Open
15 Ligers Nat - 5th Open
11 Ligers Elite - Silver Champions
13 Cougars Nat-1st Silver Open
13 Cougars Reg - 1st Silver Club
14 Ligers Nat - 9th Place
15 Ligers Elite - 9th Place
15 Cheetahs N - 2nd Silver
16 Ligers Reg - 2nd Silver
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College Recruiting


See article about our Head Trainer, Cilene Drewnick, & Instinct VBC North Texas Kids Magazine- Click
What has our Head Trainer been doing?
Cilene Drewnick leveraged her years as a successful player and coach and developed our INSTINCT SYSTEM. She oversees its implementation and execution for all of our teams.  She attends every Instinct team's weekly training sessions, runs drills, mentors both our athletes and coaches, and provides individualized attention to all of our athletes.  She also promotes the Instinct Program with her vast network that includes top coaches, players and administrators in the USA and world. Instinct is quickly becoming a very well known program for its philosophy, INSTINCT SYSTEM and the results achieved.
Instinct Network-Cilene & Top College Programs in USA
Final Four 2011 - Cilene offers a clinic for College Coaches - more
West Coast, Aug 2010-Hawaii, UC Irvine, Pepperdine, UCLA- more
Final Four - Dec 2009- Penn State, UT, Hawaii, Minnesota - more
Nebraska - August 2009 - John Cook - more
Penn State in Brazil - May 2009 - more
Cilene working with Youth National team, 2009- more
Cilene&Olympic Beach Volleyball Gold Medallist Todd Rogers- more
Olympics 2008 - Cilene and Doug Beal, CEO USA Volleyball - more
Cilene and the USA Women's Volleyball Team - Summer 2009 - more
Instinct College Recruiting Series - Nebraska Volleyball- more
Cilene and Brazilian Youth National team - 2007 - more
USA High Performance Seminar - presented by Jim Stone - more


Instinct VBC
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