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Instinct is led by 2 former professional and Olympic athletes. Our Head Trainer is a 2 time Brazilian Olympic volleyball player and renowned coach and clinician. We are a very competitive volleyball club and our philosophy is to emphasize sound fundamentals and provide individualized attention while training athletes for sports and life in general. We will bring exclusively to our athletes the best training processes in the world developed from our experiences as high level athletes and from our ongoing relationships with the top coaches and athletes in the world. We will also push our athletes mentally and strategically because we have faced and conquered every challenge they will face in their athletic careers. We have been there!!!

Instinct begins its 8th season in 2015-16. In only 3 years of existence, Instinct won a National Championship in 2010-2011 (17 Division) and finished 2nd in 2011-2012 (17s Division). We have qualified teams for Nationals every season. In 2014-2015, Instinct qualified 4 teams for Nationals, 2 of our teams won National Qualifiers, 12 Wild-MidEast Qualifier and 16 Wild-Show Me Qualifier, and our 12 Wild finished 3rd in the National Championship.

Our Head Trainer (2 time Olympian) and our director (former collegiate and professional athlete) have hired several coaches with international coaching experience to train our younger coaches and create consistency in training for our athletes across all age groups.

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Instinct expanded to Jacksonville, Florida. 2013-2014 was our first season in Florida. Our great results showed once again how strong the Instinct System is. In our inaugural season we won a National Qualifier (14 Wild - Big South), and finished 2nd in 2 National Qualifiers (15 Wild- Philadelphia and 14 Wild - Disney Showcase). In 2014-2015, our 14 Wild qualified for Nationals by winning the Florida Regionals.


Our recruiting program is outstanding with 100% of our seniors receiving college scholarships, as well as 84% of our juniors and a few sophomores. Check our Recruiting page for more info.


Our coaching staff is led by our Head Trainer, 2 time Olympian, Cilene Drewnick. She is one of the most successful clinicians in the USA and shares all her knowledge with a very professional and experienced staff. All this knowledge is shared with our athletes.

Player Development

Instinct has developed and trained several nationally recognized athletes in just a few years of existence. Our athletes are easily recognized for their sound fundamentals, knowledge of the game and mental toughness. A few of our players currently grabbing the spotlight are Kierra Holst (OU), Emily Hardesty (Texas A&M), Kaitlyn Kearney (NC State). We have a plan for our athletes.


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All teams supervised by 2 time Olympic & Professional Player,Cilene Drewnick
Only club in DFW with an exclusive club Sports Nutritionist
(included in fees)
Volleyball Specific Physical Training (included in fees)
Emphasis on fundamentals - repetition and muscle memory of sound technique
All coaches trained under our Coaching Development Program to ensure consistency
Network with the best volleyball coaches, players and administrators in the world
Strong Recruiting Program based on our relationship with top college coaches in the US


Come join the beginning of our legacy and let's embark in a journey with many challenges and lessons that will be kept for life.

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