MARCO BONITA (The top European Volleyball Coach) (more about him...)

Marco Bonita

"... Drewnick is a very versatile hitter. She is a great passer too. I am sure she brings new fresh air to our team ..."

LUIS OMAR (Brazilian Junior Volleyball coach) (more about him...)

Marco Bonita and Cilene"... Cilene was a amazing player! I had the pleasure of working with her for a couple of years! Her intensity and passion were contagious in the court. It was very exciting to watch her play..."  


MAURO GRASSO (One of the Top Coaches in Brazil)

Mauro Grasso

GIOVANNI (Head Coach of Russian National Team) (more about him...)

Giovanni at Italy".. Cilene is a very intense player. She never gives up. It was great to have her on my team..."