Sport Support Clinics


We will offer teams in both of our facilities: Coppell/Carrollton and Lake Dallas. We will have Wild, National, Elite, Regional and Metro teams.

We have an outstanding staff

We have a fantastic program

All teams supervised by 2 time Olympian and Professional player Cilene Drewnick
Several coaches with professional, international and Olympic experience
All coaches trained under our Coaching Development Program to ensure consistency
Strong Recruiting Program based on our relationship with top college coaches in the US
Emphasis on fundamentals - repetition and muscle memory of sound technique and form
Only club in DFW with an exclusive club Sports Nutritionist
Volleyball Specific Physical Training
Network with the best volleyball coaches, players and administrators in the world

Join us for our Pre Tryout Clinics. Come experience the difference!!



All Sunday Pre Tryout Clinics at Instinct at Swisher Courts
501 E Swisher Road
Lake Dallas, TX, 75065


Each clinic is $ 25. If you sign up for 5 or more, each clinic is $ 20. In order to receive the discount, you must sign up and pay for all 5+ clinics at the same time.

No refunds or date changes.

based on 2013-14 school year
Wed Nov 20 (North Church)
7:00-8:30 PM
$ 25 per session