Cilene and Penn State in Brazil


Cilene took the NCAA Volleyball Champions, Penn State, to a 10-day trip to Brazil. The group spent time in the training facilities of the Brazilian Volleyball National teams where they trained indoor and beach volleyball. The beach training took place at the Escola de Voleibol do Betinho, our exclusive partner, one of the best beach volleyball training programs in the world and closely connected to our Instinct Tiger Sharks Beach Program. Penn State played against local teams. They also went sightseeing in Sao Paulo, Rio, Saquarema and Buzios. Cilene and coach Russ Rose had a chance to discuss successful volleyball programs and college recruiting. Cilene also presented to Russ our program and the INSTINCT SYSTEM.


Instinct Head Trainer, Cilene Drewnick, with Bernardo Resende (5 time Olympic medallist) and Russ Rose (Head Coach for Penn State) in Brazil
Cilene Drewnick and the Penn State players before a match in Brazil.